Thomas Wadlow, the principal investigator at TW.COM, has a long history in the computer and security industries. A 40+ year veteran of Silicon Valley, his employers have included:

A veteran of several start-up companies as well as major corporations, Tom has a wide variety of business experience to apply to customer issues. His presentations to the Wall Street Technology Association, the Interop, Vanguard, Web Developer and Usenix Security conferences have been well received and reviewed. He has worked at many levels, from technical contributor to manager, director, vice-president and Chief Technical Officer of several corporations, and excels in explaining complex technology issues and bridging the gap between business needs and technical requirements.

An author as well as an engineer, programmer, systems and network architect and computer security analyst, his two books continue to sell well. He has written numerous articles for technical and popular magazines, with the most recent being the June 2005 and November 2006 issues of ACM Queue magazine. He holds a US patent in technology for securing very large networks.

Tom has consulted for a number of major companies and organizations, including Rhone-Poulenc, Fidelity, and Sun. He has served in an advisory capacity to the US Federal Trade Commission on matters of computer and network security. He continues to be a technical and business advisor to several companies, and sits on the board of directors for one private company.

A more extensive resume is available on request.

Other TW.COM associates and partners are drawn from our long association with talented and capable people. They include experts in system and network administration, applications programmers, web developers, marketing and advertising experts, web commerce designers, graphics artists, financial analysts and experienced law enforcement and physical security experts.

TW.COM has assisted several entrepreneurs in many key aspects of the creation of startup companies. Our team has many years of combined experience operating high-tech companies and working in the complex and specialized world of venture capital and Silicon Valley.